New biological application of contraceptive steroids.

Sterba R
Endocrinologia Experimentalis. 1968; 2(2):101-110.

This investigation aimed to establish both the suitability and the efficacy of the most frequently used estrogens, their mutual ratio, and relation to halogenated superlutin. From 9 estroprogestational combinations using the highly effective gestogen Chlorsuperlutin (SPOFA, Czechoslovakia) in 182 females in 756 cycles two fundamental combinations were selected. One was biphasic for biological cycle substitution (Biogest, SPOFA) and the other nomaphasic, destined for a therapeutic regulation of irregular cycles (Antigest, SPOFA). All subjects were regularly checked for body weight and fluid retention as manifested by body measurements. In trials with Antigest-B a rapid transformation of endometrium was achieved by an increased dosage of gestagen in the secretory phase. The use of a highly active gestagen (Chlorsuperlutin) made it possible to finish the trials. Estrogen only was administered during the first 11 days and estrogen with gestagen during the remaining 10 days of the cycle. This preparation, Biogest, brings about regular biological cycles without such undesirable side effects as breakthrough bleeding, spotting, fluid retention, or excessive secretion of cervical mucus.

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