Viewing Search Results

Search results initially display in a summary format sorting by Most Recently Added displaying first. A default of 20 records is displayed per page. If there are more than 20 records, they will be displayed on subsequent pages. Links to scroll through search results pages are found at the bottom of the results page.

Composition of the Search Results Page

  1. Number of results: The total number of results in your set.
  2. Sorting Options: Links to sort your search results. Sort options include: Most Recent or Relevancy. The default sort is Most Recent.
  3. Citation: The POPLINE citation consists of Document Number (can be used for requesting copies of POPLINE documents), Title, Author, and Source. You may click on the title to view the full record.
  4. Add to Basket: Clicking on this button adds records to My Basket. You must create an account and sign in on POPLINE to use this feature. When you add an item to your basket, it will be saved there until you're ready to submit a request for full-text copies. Requests for documents is available to individuals and organizations in low- and middle-income countries only.
  5. Add to My Documents: Clicking on this button adds records to your My Documents list. You must create an account and sign in on POPLINE to use this feature.
  6. Peer Reviewed icon: The majority of POPLINE's most frequently cited journals are peer-reviewed. Users can see which records have the peer-reviewed notation.
  7. Google Scholar button: links to the same record in Google Scholar, allowing the user to move directly from POPLINE to Scholar for potential access to full-text.
  8. DOI button: A digital object identifier (DOI) uniquely identifies electronic documents. Journal articles with DOI links will display this button. Click on the DOI button to access the article (provided you have the needed access rights to the site where the article is located).
  9. Full Text button: Records with links to full-text on the web will display this button.
  10. Search History Tab: Toggle between current search features (export, save search, filters) and search history from Advanced Search.
  11. Export Results: Export current search result in three different formats: CSV, RIS, and TXT. Maximum number of results that can be exported is 2000.
  12. Save Current Search: Save current search strategy to you My POPLINE account for access at a later time.
  13. Search Result Filters: On the right side of your search results, filtering options for Keyword, Region/Country, Language, and Year, lets you refine your search even further. Once you cick a filter to narrow your search results, an X will appear next to the term. You may choose multiple terms within each filter type (e.g., Keywords). You may also choose terms from each filter type (e.g., narrowing by Keywords and Year). To undo the filter, click on the X.