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Increasing Support For Reproductive Health Activities Among Religious Leaders In Niger. Volume 2. Ideation. Accroître le Soutien aux Activités de Santé Reproductive parmi les Leaders Religieux au Niger. Volume 2. Ideation.

Transform PHARE
[Washington, D.C., PSI], Transform PHARE, 2017. 51 p.

This second volume, of a series of three reports, discusses the ideation phase, which is based on insights gathered during the inspiration phase. As explained in this second report, the team sought to develop solutions that tested the following central hypotheses: 1) What resources, tools, religious arguments, or other incentives would motivate and inspire religious leaders to assume a more publicly supportive stance on birth spacing? 2) Would improving the dynamics between religious leaders and youth foster more empathy, understanding, and support for positive reproductive health activities? 3) Would a better understanding of the financial implications of having and raising children framed in the context of responsible parenthood encourage men to consider practicing birth spacing? 4) How might we go about designing high-impact solutions for low-literacy populations in low-tech contexts? The report explains how, based on these hypothesis, the team designed ten rapid, low-fidelity prototypes that were subsequently field-tested (using a variety of testing methods, such as mystery shopping, pictorial elicitation, role playing, and card sorting), with a combination of 72 religious leaders, youth, and healthcare workers across target districts. The team then evaluated which prototypes demonstrated the most promising potential with respect to a number of indicators, including sustainability, financial viability, and low risk to communities. The outcome of this evaluation yielded three refined concepts that were selected for live prototyping. The report highlights some of the lessons and implications that emerged out of this live prototyping that would be useful for implementing these activities.

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