Population growth and economic development issues and evidence.

Johnson DG; Lee RD
Madison, Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Press, 1987. xiii, 702 p. (Social Demography)

This volume reviews the available empirical evidence on the interrelationships between population growth and economic development in developing countries from a variety of perspectives. Issues examined include the relationship between population growth and natural resources; agriculture; savings, investment and trade; health, education, and welfare; and labor and urbanization. Several chapters attempt to unravel the conceptual issues involved in understanding how population change affects economic development. The chapters were prepared for the Working Group on Population Growth and Economic Development which concluded that slower population growth would, on balance, benefit most developing countries and that the positive effects of slower population growth on economic development would be clearest in the poorest and most densely populated countries. Nevertheless, the scientific literature contains few adequate studies of the effects of slower population growth in developing countries; it is difficult to draw firm conclusions about overall impacts.

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