Men's behavior surrounding use of contraceptives in Guinea.

Balde MD; Diallo BA; Compaore R; Bah AK; Ali M; Kabra R; Kouanda S
International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2016 Nov; 135(Suppl 1):S16-S19.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the sociocultural determinants that influence the attitude and practices of men toward contraceptive use in Guinea. METHODS: A sequential, mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative study was carried out in two regions of Guinea with a low rate of contraceptive prevalence, and in the capital city of Conakry. A total of 1170 people (men and women) were interviewed. RESULTS: Findings showed a positive perception of family planning overall, but reluctance to use modern contraception. The reasons for non-use of contraceptive methods were primarily the hope of having many children and religious prohibition associated with customs. Making decisions on contraceptive use within a couple represents a major cause of misunderstanding between spouses. Communication within a couple on the use of contraception is quickly declined by men. CONCLUSION: The findings demonstrate the need to develop communication strategies within a couple to improve the use of contraceptives.

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