The prognosis after sterilization on social psychiatric grounds.

Ekblad M
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. 1961; 37(Suppl. 161):1-162.

225 women who were residents of Stockholm in 1951 and who applied fo r sterilization or were sterilized as a condition for legal abortion were given follow up psychiatric examinations 5-6 years after the sterilization. 79% were over 30 and 6% were under 26 years of age. 13% had more than 4 children and 38% had 2 or less. 88% were granted sterilization on medical grounds, 11% on eugenic grounds, and 1% on social grounds. 7% of the women regretted having had the operation and were distrubed by it. Childless women are at greater risk of dissatisfaction with the operation. Overall, sexual satisfactiin was unchanged after the operation.

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