The expanding role and scope of practice of all categories of midwives and traditional birth attendants in the field of family planning.

Presented at the ICM/USAID Project West Malaysia Working Party, 1975. 7 p

A program in Malaysia which recruited traditional birth attendants to distribute oral pills resulted in more than 7,000 acceptors between January, 1972 and April, 1975. The traditional birth attendants were paid an allowance each month. A survey of the attendants found 79% had not been asked to perform an abortion in the previous year. 85% claimed the acceptors actually took the pill. Resupplies were regular and pill packages were checked. 70% TBAs said the Muslim leaders of their villages approved of family planning. Midwives, who receive formal training, can be used as supervisors of TBAs. Observations of midwives and TBAs have shown the TBA to be a more effective motivation for family planning acceptance. She is closer to her community, has less shyness, and is more confident than the midwife.

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