Girls on the move: Adolescent girls and migration in the developing world. A Girls Count report on adolescent girls.

Temin M; Montgomery MR; Engebretsen S; Barker KM
[New York, New York], Population Council, [2013]. [136] p.

This report illuminates the experiences of girls who relocate to urban areas to pursue work, education, and social opportunities unavailable to them in their natal homes. The report explores how migrant girls who successfully connect to urban resources and opportunities can be powerful agents of change, making them an important group for policy and programmatic attention. Girls on the Move is the first report of its kind to examine the social and economic drivers of internal migration for adolescent girls in developing countries, and the links between migration, risk, and opportunity. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the report finds that rural-to-urban migration can -- provided necessary safety nets and resources are in place -- be largely a positive experience for girls, and present them with new opportunities unavailable in their hometowns.

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