The civil / military alliance to combat HIV and AIDS.

Civil-Military Alliance Newsletter. 1997 Jul; 3(3):7.

One year later, during the International Congress of Military Medicine in Augsburg, Germany, the formal proposal to establish an Alliance was launched, with the active support of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Programme on AIDS. In the same year, in November 1994, the first meeting of the Steering Committee of the Civil/Military Alliance to Combat HIV & AIDS in Washington, DC, prepared the bylaws of the Alliance. The general organization of the Alliance includes two international chairs, held in the first two years by the Uganda Secretary of Defence, Dr. Ben Mbonye, and by the Chief of Staff of the Belgian Military Health Service, Gen. M. DeConinck, who is also chairman of COMEDS (the Chiefs of Military Health Services of NATO countries), plus regional chairs for Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, a steering committee and the post of Director, currently held by Professor Norman Miller, USA. (excerpt)

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