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Consultative meeting on: "Accelerating an HIV / AIDS vaccine for developing countries: How can international development agencies help? South Africa, Tuesday, July 27, 1999.

World Bank; South Africa. Medical Research Council
[Unpublished] 1999. 11 p.

On July 27, 1999, the South African Medical Research Council hosted a consultative meeting on ways in which international agencies could accelerate development of an AIDS vaccine that is effective and affordable for developing countries. 37 senior policy-makers from South Africa and the region, South African researchers, and other stakeholders participated in the meeting. The issues paper, "Accelerating an AIDS vaccine for developing countries: Issues and Options for the World Bank," and the report of the European Union (EU) Brussels Vaccine Consultation served as background for the meeting. Issues regarding the global status and prospects of HIV/AIDS vaccine development, the South Africa AIDS Vaccine Initiative, the analysis of the business costs and response of a major South African employer, the results of the industry study and issues in estimating potential demand, and the options the World Bank and EU are considering were emphasized in the meeting.

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