Factor four: doubling wealth -- halving resource use. The new report to the Club of Rome.

von Weizsacker E; Lovins AB; Lovins LH
London, England, Earthscan Publications, 1998. xxix, 322 p.

This book describes technologies representing a quadrupling of resource productivity by offering a rough quantitative formula. The first part of the book (chapters 1-3) highlights 50 examples of quadrupling resource productivity by presenting 20 examples of revolutionizing energy productivity, 20 examples of revolutionizing material productivity, and 10 examples of revolutionizing transport productivity. Part 2 (chapters 4-7) presents several strategies to overcome obstacles in revolutionizing productivity. These include rewards for saving resources, procedures for choosing the best buys and competition in saving resources. Part 3 (chapters 8-11) focuses on previous programs addressing these problems, particularly on the issues raised during various conferences. Part 4 (chapters 12-14) presents a discussion on how to harness resource efficiency as a human and worthy goal in meeting global needs. In addition, it considers a brighter civilization in language that goes beyond technology and quantitative targets. Furthermore, the informal sector still plays an important role in many developing countries, while simplistic views of the benefits of free trade will also need some thoughtful reconsideration.

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