Law No. 318 on Sterilization and Castration of 13 June 1973, as amended by Law No. 280 of 26 May 1976.

International Digest of Health Legislation. 1973; 24(4):768-72.

Law No. 318 of June 13, 1973 on Sterilization and Castration, as amended by Law No. 280 of May 26, 1976 for Denmark is delineated. Anyone 25 or over is entitled to be sterilized, unless he is incapable of managing his affairs or is mentally incompetent. Women under 25 may obtain sterilization if her life or health is threatened by pregnancy. The application for sterilization shall be submitted to a committee or a board of appeal by the person on whom the operation is to be performed. If the person is mentally deficient or incapacitated, the committee may authorize sterilization on the basis of an application submitted by a guardian. These provisions apply only to people domiciled in Denmark unless the person has special ties to the country. The person on whom the operation is to be performed shall be informed by a physician of the nature of the operation and its direct consequences and risks. Sterilization may be performed only in a state or communal hospital, or one approved by the Ministry of the Interior. A person may be granted authorization for castration if his sexual instincts would make him liable to commit crimes, or cause him severe mental suffering or social difficulties. No one under age 21 may be authorized except under very special conditions. Authorization for castration shall be granted by the Ministry of Justice.

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