Comparative studies about the influence of metenoloneacetate and mesterolone on hypophysis and male gonads.

Petry R; Trenkner G; Senge T; Hienz HA; Mauss J; Rausch-Stroomann JG
Arzneimittel-Forschung. 1970 Apr; 20(4):545-547.

Effects of treatment with 2 synthetic steroids, metenolone-acetate (M-A; mostly anabolic) and mesterolone (M; mostly androgenic) on gonadotropin secretion and testicular function were investigated. 4 male diabetics with normal gonadal function and 1 diabetic with oligospermia were treated with M-A (30 or 45 mg/day for 8 weeks; total dose, 1.59-2.79 gm). Before and during administration, total gonadotropns, seminal fluid, and testicular biopsies were examined. Influence of M (40-150 mg/day; total dose, 4.7-25.9 gm) on spermatozoa was investigated in 11 patients, 7 with normal gonadal function and 4 with oligospermia. Testicular biopsies were performed in 6 healthy males before and during treatment with M (total dose, 2.7-12.57 gm within 4 months). Under treatment tith M-A and M, no signs of testicular damage could be observed by biopsy and seminal fluid examination. This lack of alteration in testicular function and morphology under M was due to the normal gonadotropin secretion, and the reduction of gonadotropin secretion observed under M-A was apparently not sufficient to influence testicular function.

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