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[The tasks of family planning in the European Region of the International Planned Parenthood Federation - IPPF] Aufgaben der Familienplanung in der europaischen Region der Internationalen Foderation fur geplante Elternschaft - IPPF.

Braestrup A
In: Mehlan, I.H., ed. Arzt und Familienplanung. (The doctor and family planning.) (Proceedings of the Third Rostock Continuing Education Convention on the Problems of Marriage and Sex Counseling, October 23-25, 1967. Rostock-Warnemunde). Berlin, Veb Verlag, Volk und Gesundheit (People and Health), 1968. p. 177-178

The summary of an address on the historical development of the problem of family planning in Eastern Europe is presented. The task is not only limitation of family size, but also child development, marital harmony, and maternal and child health. The German Democratic Republic, the youngest member country of IPPF, sent the speaker to the 1967 Congress, where she participated in the ''Marriage and Family'' workshop. As president of the European and Near Eastern region, she gave an instructive summary of their specific problems. Taboos must be dispelled, from physicians as well as laymen. Doctors must have a positive attitude toward family planning as well as technical expertise. The minister of health in East Germany is involved in these problems. The speaker summarized the work of IPPF in holding international congresses, training personnel, publishing instructions in many languages, and its relationships with other organizations such as WHO and UNESCO. She concluded with the thought that family planning will not only benefit the individual family, but also the family of the world.

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