[Several experiences with injected progesterones] Nekolik zkusenosti s ucinkem injekcnich progestagenu.

Sterba R
Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie. 1969; 34(7):407-409.

The size and speed of progesterone effects depend on many factors; s ummarized in 2 groups: factors concerning the applied preparations and f actors related ot the quality and condition of the endometrium. Superlutin in doses of 10 mg/1.5 ml and 20 mg/3 ml prepared for injection was compared with progesterone in doses of 30 mg/1 ml. Both were compared as regards immediate effects. In injection administration, superlutin has a slightly higher efficiency than progesterone, but prepared for injection it does not have a quick effect because of its low level of solubility. It is suggested that the 30 mg/1 ml of progesterone be used for quick effect. For semidepot efficie ncy the hydroxyprogesteroncepronate (Neolutin forte) containing 125 mg/1 ml is recommended since it is fairly suitable.

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