Is IUD dangerous? 2 doctors say so.

FPOP Bulletin 4(6): 3. June 1973.

A report by 2 American physicians stated that they considered the IUD dangerous and ineffective as evidenced by the hundreds of deaths, miscarriages and infections attributed to its use. A doctor from the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) disagrees stating that pregnancies occur at the rate of 2.4% in women who use the IUD and that the IUD's effectivity rate is 97.6%. According to this FPOP doctor it is safer to take the IUD as a contraceptive measure than to be exposed to pregnancy, especially when medical facilities and personnel are inadequate. The inflammatory response caused by the IUD and frequently persisting after its removal can also be found in normal women and in the postovulatory phase in laboratory animals. It is hoped that these data will dispel doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the IUD presently used by 47,533 women in the FPOP program.

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