[Transcervical techniques] Tecnicas transcervicales.

Lindemann HJ
In: Rueda Gonzalez R, ed. Manual de esterilizacion femenina. Bogota, Colombia, Asociacion Colombiana para el Estudio de la Poblacion, 1977. 253-84.

This examination of transcervical sterilization techniques discusses hysteroscopy, electrocauterization of the tubo-cornual junction, and chemical occlusion of the fallopian tubes. The article examines the development of the hysteroscope and of media for uterine distension, as well as the history of research on sterilizing techniques utilizing a transcervical approach. The description of operative procedures for tubal sterilization using high frequency current specifies the correct timing of the procedure in the early proliferative phase, and outlines patient positioning, preoperative procedures, preparation and placement of the hysteroscope, equipment and techniques for insufflation, the electrocoagulation technique and equipment, postoperative procedures, complications, and results. The discussion of hysteroscopic sterilization with chemical agents briefly describes the procedure and its mode of action and time required for full effects to be noted, and lists the necessary instruments and equipment, including the hysteroscope, hysteroflator, light sources, and photographic equipment if films are desired. A final section identifies the advantages of hysterscopic sterilization. Diagrams and photographs illustrate the equipment needed and the stages of the operations.

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