The natural birth control book.

Rosenblum A; Jackson L
Boston, Massachusetts, Aquarian Research Foundation, Tao Publications. 1974; 130.

A natural method of birth control is described based on abstention from coitus during a woman's 2 fertile periods each month: 1) the period surrounding ovulation, and 2) the astrological fertile period which occurs at a different time each month and which is related to the time of a woman's birth and the relative positions of the sun and moon. The exact procedure for the determination of the astrological fertile period is given and directions are provided for the identification of the time of ovulation by observing changes in cervical mucus, in body temperature, and in physiological parameters. An instrument is described for the electronic detection of ovulation by the measurement of voltage changes between a woman's fingers. 97.7% effectiveness is claimed for the birth control technique. This same astrological base is presented as a method for determining the sex of a child; it is claimed to be 98% accurate. An astrological explanation of birth defects is offerred. Psychic birth control--mental control of contraception--is also discussed.

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