Clinical evaluation of a new low dose progestagen-only contraceptive containing cingestol.

Kicovic PM; Kovacevic S; Djokic LJ; Milojevic S; Janoskov J; Behlilovic B; Jeremic N
International Journal of Fertility. 1974; 19(3):171-175.

A clinical evaluation of a new low-dose progestagen-only contraceptive containing cingestrol was conducted. 527 fertile women received a continuous daily dose of .5 mg for a total of 7039 cycles. 7.2% of the 527 withdrew from the study. There were 7 unplanned pregnancies (3 patient and 4 method failures). A low incidence of irregular bleeding and/or amenorrhea and a very satisfactory cycle control were noted. Side effects were slight and acceptable and usually disappeared after the initial cycles. No suspected or conjuncted thromboembolism occurred. It was concluded that a daily dose of .5 mg cingestrol is an effective, safe, and well-tolerated oral contraceptive and appears to offer advantages over other similar preparations.

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