[Side effects of depot contraceptives] Efectos colaterales de los anticonceptivos de deposito.

Ruiz Velasco V; Alisedo Aparicio LE
Prensa Medica Mexicana. 1972 Jan-Feb; 37:25-29.

556 multiparous women under 49 were divided into 3 groups and were given 3 different monthly im injections: group 1 (30 patients) received 1 ml of 150 mg of dihydroxyprogesterone with 10 mg of estradiol enanthat e on the 7th day of the cycle; group 2 (263 patients) got 1 ml of oxoges tone between the 5th-7th day; and group 3 (263 patients) was given an injection of 2 ml of 50 mg of phenylpropionate of lynestrol on the 5th day of the cycle. The study comprised 110 cycles in group 1, 1126 in group 2, and 1155 in group 3. Menstruation was altered in all patients in group 1. 93.3% experienced an increase in duration of bleeding and 2 out of 3 an increased flow. Headaches, nervousness, mastalgia, and nausea were common complaints. In group 2, 60% of the patients experienced changes in the menstrual cycle. In 1 out of 3 the cycle was shortened or late. Severe headache was the most common complaint but was present in only 4.7% of the cycles. In group 3, 50% of the cycles were altered, generally shortened. Other side effects were present only sporadically and in less than 5% of the cycles. Changes in the endometrium occurred in 50%, 20%, and 73% of each group, respectively. In the case of group 3, endometrial studies done 1 month after suspending medication indicated 90% had returned to the premedication state. No posttreatment alterations were found in the vaginal cytology. The incidence of menstrual alteration and side effects was considered unacceptable in group 1. Regarding oxogestone, though menstrual alterations were fewer, it was not absolutely effective (4 or 5 pregnancies occurred in group 2), and therefore is not recommended. The lynestrol when given on the 5th day proved completely effective, and while menstrual changes did occur, side effects were minimal and infrequent, and recuperation after treatment immediate.

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