[Spontaneous recanalization of the vas deferens after vasectomy] Spontane Rekanalisation des Vas deverens nach Vasektomie.

Fischer J
Andrologie. 1972; 4(3):259-260.

Spontaneous recanalization of the testicular duct (resection of 1 cm of each vas deferens under local anesthesia) in a 30-year-old man is reported. The patient did not return for follow-up spermiogram after the 10th ejaculation, but did return 5 months later because his wife had become pregnant. Spermiogram showd 15.6 million sperm per ml, of which 76% were of normal type. Re-operation revealed anastomosis of the right vas deferens, with considerable scar tissue. Azoospermia was observed 6 weeks later. Reanastomosis may have resulted from the patient's wearing a support which may have brought the 2 ends of the vas into proximity.

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