[Effect of combined estrogen-gestagen therapy on advanced breast carcinoma, with special consideration of lung metastases] Die Wirkung einer Ostrogen-Gestagen-Kombinationstherapie beim fortgeschrittenen Mammakarzinom mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Lungenmetastasen.

Berndt G; Eckel H; Notter G; Stender HS
Strahlentherapie. 1971; 141(5):540-548.

Treatment of breast cancer in 119 women using a weekly dose of 90 mg estradiol valerianate and 300 mg 17-alpha-hydroxy-19-norprogesterone capronate (SH 834) is reported. Hormonal effect could be evaluated in 84 cases (133 localized metastases). Objective remission was observed in 44 patients. Most favorable response was seen in soft tissue metastases (20 of 31 patients). Results with lung metastases (remissions in 15 of 27 cases) and with carcinomatous pleural effusions (11 of 19 cases) were surprisingly good. Almost no therapeutic effect on liver metastases was observed. Best results were seen in women 5 years and more beyond menopause: remissions in 15 of 24 cases with lung metastases were observed.(AUTHOR'S, MODIFIED)

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