[Comparative clinical and morphological studies on 2 oral contraceptives which contain DL-norgestrel and D-norgestrel, respectively] Vergleichende klinische und morphologische Untersuchungen von zwei oralen Antikonzeptiva, die DL-Norgestrel beziehungsweise D-Norgestrel enthalten.

Brosens I; Van Assche A; Wijnants P
Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde. 1971; 31(3):251-257.

Comparison of the effects of Eugynon and Neogynon (.05 mg ethinyl estradiol with .5 mg norgestrel or with .25 mg d-norgestrel, respectively) in 272 women is reported. The 2 preparations were comparable as regards effectiveness (100%), cycle control, and endometrial and cervical morphology. No clinical or biological complications occurred, and the incidence of minor side effects was very small. The d-norgestrel preparation (Neogynon) may be preferable for metabolic reasons because of its lower steroid dose.(AUTHORS', MODIFIED)

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