Shall we "reproduce"? The medical ethics of in vitro fertilization.

Ramsey P
Journal of the American Medical Association. June 5, 1972; 220(10):1346-1350.

In vitro fertilization is an unethical medical experimentation on possible future human beings, and should be absolutely prohibited. 3 arguments are used to pass a judgment of immorality on current in vitro experiments: 1) physicians should first have experimented more thoroughly on lower animals before experimenting with humans; 2) women "volunteers" have not given fully informed consent to what is being done; 3) it is immoral terminate the lives of the zygotes developed. None of these arguments is overriding. Rather, the researcher must perfectly mimic nature if in vitro fertilization will produce a normal baby; and because researchers cannot exclude the possibility that they might do irreparable damage to the child-to-be, it is immoral for them to proceed, even if uterine monitoring through amniocentesis would occur at later stages.

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