Metabolism of contraceptive steroids in man.

Raynaud J-P
In: James, V.H.T. and Martini, L., eds. Hormonal steroids (Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Hormonal Steroids, Hamburg, September 7-12, 1970). Amsterdam, Excerpta Medica, 1971. p.915-922

With the use of radioactive labelling, researchers at the Centre de Recherches Roussel Uclaf in Romainville, France performed metabolic studies on contraceptive steroids. Nortestosterone and its trienic homolog R 2341 were themselves studied and were also the basic structures upon which substitutions were made. The nortestosterone-related compounds were norethisterone, norgestrel, and R 1364. The R 2341-related compounds were R 2010 norgestrienone, R 2323, and R 2715. Testosterone was studied as a reference compound. Ethisterone was compared to testosterone. The theory of compartment system models was used. Metabolic clearance rate, number and volume of compartments, and rate of exchange between compartments was studied.

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