Transabdominal caesarean section and tubal ligation in 59 cases.

Liu P
Communist Chinese Scientific Abstracts, Biomedical Sciences No. 316, April 9, 1968

The author reports combined termination of pregnancy and sterilization after the first trimester in 59 women aged between 26 and 44. The uterus is entered through the verticalincision approach in 53 cases, under epidural anesthesia in most cases. Tubal ligation is effected by a modified Pomeroy technique. The average duration of hospitalization is 8.6 days. The article points out the greater blood loss associated with the transverse incisional approach and the need to minimize stimulation of other intra-abdominal organs by avoiding exteriorization of the uterus. Embryoectomy is best accomplished by the transamnion route to reduce hemorrhage. The method is considered quick, safe and without serious post-operative sequele. However, a complete pre-operative physical examination is advised. (Full text)

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