The art of natural family planning.

Kippley J; Kippley S
Cincinnati, Ohio, Couple to Couple League International, 1979. 256 p.

This self-education manual on natural family planning (NFP) is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 explains why a couple should use NFP and part 2 explains the "how to" of the sympto-thermal method of NFP. The primary method taught in this book is the full sympto-thermal method, which married couples, it is claimed, can use at the 99% level of effectiveness to either avoid or postpone pregnancy. The method is also useful in helping couples achieve pregnancy even when their mutual fertility is marginal. Part 1 argues that couples should choose NFP because it is cost-effective, promotes physical health, does not have the side effects attributed to other birth control methods (pill, IUD, sterilization), and is always reversible. Some less tangible arguments include the getting in touch with your own body rhythms and increased self-awareness. Arguments centering around the morality of NFP are aired. The final argument for using NFP is that it will bring marital couples closer together because NFP is a process requiring mutual decision-making, teaches a more spiritual satiation, opens the lines of communications between couples, and promotes nongenital ways of expressing affection. The "how-to" section discusses the signs of ovulation (changes in cervical mucus, ovulation pain, and temperature rise), guidelines for interpreting symptoms of ovulation (including discussions of cycle variations), surprise or unwanted pregnancies, return of fertility after childbirth, and how to put NFP into practice in your day-to-day life (including various testimonials from couples using NFP).

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