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Networks and resource sharing in family planning libraries and documentation centres.

Dhir SC
International Library Review. 1980; 12:259-67.

Documentalists and librarians should promote the development of a collaborate network of libraries to increase the availability of family planning information and materials throughout the world. There has been a phenomenal increase in family planning information in recent years and it is becoming increasingly difficult for small libraries and libraries located in developing countries to make this information available to their users. The network should promote resource sharing between libraries within each country. A national documentation center should be established in each country and every region should have a regional documentation center. The regional centers would work to promote the world wide sharing of population information. Specific suggestions for facilitating information sharing at each network level were provided, and the functions performed by the WHO Regional Documentation Center on Human Reproduction, Family Planning, and Population Dynamics, established in 1973 in New Delhi, were also described.

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