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Recommendations of the Meeting on Socio-economic Determinants and Consequences of Mortality: report of the Secretary-General.

United Nations. Economic and Social Council. Population Commission
New York, UN, 1980 Dec 8. 12 p. (E/CN.9/352)

This document contains the recommendations of the Meeting on Socioeconomic Determinants and Consequences of Mortality, organized by the Population Division and the World Health Organization. The meeting was held June 19-25, 1979 in Mexico City. The participants developed and adopted a set of recommendations for future research and action in the following areas: data collection and processing; methodological and substantive research activities, international coordination, training and data dissemination, and funding of future research and training activities. The recommendations are presented to the Population Commission for its consideration and appropriate action, within the context of the future work program in population. Dissemination of information on results of national studies on mortality and its differentials should be part of an international information-exchange system. Suitable mechanisms at the international and national levels should be set up to establish such a system. Governments should make mortality and social class data available to private research organizations whenever possible. Since mortality had received low priority in the allocation of funds for research and training, the Meeting called upon bilateral and multilateral funding agencies in population and public health to rectify that deficiency.

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