Vietnam's first census.

Fraser SE
Intercom. 1980 Aug; 8(8):8-9.

Vietnam had its first all national population census in October, 1979. Since reunification in 1975, the annual population growth rate has been estimated at 2.8-3%, with northern provinces having a lower growth rate than southern. The estimated population total is 53 million for 1979. If the growth rate is not drastically slowed, the population could double in the next 20-25 years. The general population targets set by Hanoi, reduction of the growth rate to 2% by 1985, have been publicized by the government. In August 1979, the new constitution specifically included a positive directive on population and family planning. An estimated 1 million people or more have left the country in the past 5 years. Neither death rates nor migration show much hope of contributing to a slower growth rate. Life expectancy at birth is creeping upward and is estimated to be at the 50 year mark. The census data, dated October 1, 1979, places the population total at 52,741,766. The number of males is 25,580,582, females, 27,161,184. 19.18% are urban household members; 80.82% are rural. 71.30% or 37,604,205 are employed in agriculture; 28.7% or 15,137,561 are employed in nonagriculture. Between May 1975 and October 1979 the population increased by an average of 2.3% per year. The 1979 census was conducted over 10 days of enumeration. The net undercount was computed at about .96%.

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