North-South: a programme for survival: report of the Independent Commission on International Development Issues.

Brandt W
Cambridge, Massachussetts, MIT Press, 1980. 304 p.

This political report, prepared by an independent group of international statesmen and leaders headed by Willy Brandt (former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany), discusses the urgent problems of inequality in the world and the failure of its economic system, and proposes suggestions for solving these problems. The title of the report was based on the premise that major international peace cannot be achieved unless the North, which represents the developed countries, and the South, which represents the developing countries, unite together and recognize their mutual interests. Change and reform can only take place when they are supported by the governments and the people of both the North and the South. The North and the South should frankly discuss abuses of power by elites; outburst of fanaticism; the misery of millions of refugees; and other violations of human rights which adversely affect the cause of justice and solidarity everywhere. Tasks for the decades of the '80's and '90's are discussed, and an Emergency Programme for 1980-85 outlined (includes such recommendations as large-scale transfer of resources to developing countries; an international energy strategy; global food program; major reforms in the international economic system). Other recommended solutions include a new approach to international finance and the development of monetary system. The traditional questions of war and peace, and massive expenditures on armaments which take resources away from urgent needs are also examined. The report also calls on all countries of the world to make an imaginative response to the critical problems of the world.

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