Famille et Developpement: sub-Saharan Africa's self-help magazi

McBride SD
New York, Cycle Communications, [1979]. 18 p.

This is a promotional pamphlet tracing the success of the Senegalese magazine, "Famille et Developpement." The magazine began in 1973 as a family education publication sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a Canadian development agency. Dr. Pierre Pradervand, a Swiss sociologist, explored the concept of a sub-Saharan African magazine and produced its first issue. Pradervans polled some 200 doctors, educators, trade unionists, representatives of women's organizations, and researchers, who drafted a blueprint. In Spring 1974, Marie-Angelique Savane was hired as chief editor. As a Senegalese social scientist, Ms. Savane's vision changed the formal and editorial content of the magazine from an African viewpoint rather than a Western viewpoint. The theme of its content is "helping Africans help themselves." The magazine seeks to provide an understanding of the development process and give people a sense of their ability to influence their environ and lives.

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