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Status of male contraception.

Asian and Pacific Population Programme News. 1977; 6(4):39.

At a recent meeting of the IPPF Central Medical Committee (CMC) progress made in developing a male contraceptive was reviewed. The CMC had been given expert advice, and the latest publications on the subject had been put before it. In the light of that up-to-date knowledge, the following statement was issued about the present status of male contraception: "During the last few years several clinical trials have been carried out in order to evaluate the contraceptive effectiveness of some steroidal agents in men. Antiandrogens, androgens, progestins and oestrogens have been tried. Most compounds tested have been found to be able to depress spermatogenesis, but in some cases the occurrence of undesirable side effects has curtailed their potential use as contraceptives. The most promising trials were carried out with combination treatments of an androgen with a progestin. These treatments are effective and relatively well tolerated in short-term use, but acceptability and safety for long-term use have still not been proven. As most male contraceptives areabeing used only on an experimental basis, the CMC cannot recommend their use by family planning associations at present, but sees the development of a safe male contraceptive as highly desirable." The subject will be kept under review at further mettings of the CMC.(FULL-TEXT)

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