Injectable contraceptives endorsed by PGH specialist.

IMCH Newsletter 8(92): 2-3. May 1977.

Dr. Ruben Apelo, project director of the Philippine General Hospital family planning clinic, reports that injectable contraceptives should be included as a family planning method because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Depo-Provera is close to 100% effective, protects a patient for 3 months, is inexpensive, and requires only a health worker who can travel in the rural areas. Side effects include disruption of the menstrual cycle and possible occurrence of amenorrhea, spotting, or irregular bleeding. In a study of 1658 treatment months of Depo-Provera a 300 mg dose was given to 105 fertile women aged 15-45 years old (mean 30 years) every 3 months. 1.9% reported side effects other than amenorrhea and bleeding and 2 pregnancies occurred, with conception estimated as having occurred in the 5th month after an injection. Generally, there was a high degree of acceptability by the patients.

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