[Contraceptive methods] Les methodes de contraception.

International Women's Health Coalition
Washington, D.C., International Women's Health Coalition, 1983. [2], 127 p.

This last of a 6-module training course for medical personnel on women's health care provides information on 8 different contraceptive methods: oral contraceptives, IUDs, condoms, diaphragms, creams, spermicidal ovules and tablets, injectables, vaginal sponges, and postcoital methods. Details are provided on the mode of action, efficacy, problems and secondary effects, contraindications, use, control of secondary effects, and information to be given to the patient for each method. Techniques for choosing the right diaphragm and for inserting IUDs are also described. The manual is auto-instructional. The material is divided into a logical sequence of sections, each of which contains review questions and answers. The general introduction to this volume contains advice to health personnel about interactions with patients.

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