Good health at low cost.

Halstead SB; Walsh JA; Warren KS
New York, New York, The Rockefeller Foundation, 1985 Oct. 248 p.

This conference report focuses on health related issues in 4 case study areas: Sri lanka, India, China, and Costa Rica. Part 1 of the report is composed of the 4 country reports. The papers discuss the countries' health statistics, its health care system, conductive factors of the health care system, the impact of social and economic development and the health care system on infant mortality, and the health changes and improvements. Part 2 is composed of 8 papers on health interventions. The presentations address 1) the economic factors that influence the quality of health within the 4 case study areas; 2) key socio-cultural factors influencing infant mortality; 3) social and political factors which contribute to improve health status; 4) education and literacy factors and their relation to health; 5) the role of water supply and sanitation in reducing mortality rates; 6) trends in nutrition, food supply and infant mortality rates; 7) vertical programs specific to public health measurements; and 8) an analysis of clinical services in affecting mortality rates. Part 3 includes short remarks on the conference given by the editors of this report. Though their comments varied slightly, it was unanimously agreed that high infant mortality rates can be lowered in the developing countries, primarily through sustained political commitment to universal health and well being, as has been illustrated by the case studies. Other significant contributors include equitable access to primary health care, a uniformly accessible education system, and assurance of adequate nutrition at all levels of society.

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