[Annual bulletin of statistics: Sabah, 1984] Siaran perangkaan tahunan: Sabah, 1984.

Malaysia. Sabah. Jabatan Perangkaan
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Jabatan Perangkaan. Cawangan Sabah, 1985. xi, 164 p.

This is the 21st in a series of annual publications designed to provide general statistical data for Sabah, Malaysia. For the most part, data are for the 10-year period 1975-1984. A section on population (pp. 3-12) includes 1980 census data on population by community (or ethnic) group and district; population change, 1947-1980; population density; sex ratios; internal migration; religion; and age and sex distribution by administrative district. Also included are data on projected age and sex distribution, 1970-1990; marital status by age group; literacy; educational status; and households. A section on vital statistics (pp. 21-4) contains figures on births and deaths by race and sex, 1974-1983. Other sections provide data on the labor force, housing, health, and education.

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