Geography and population: approaches and applications

Clarke JI
Elmsford, N.Y./Oxford, England, Pergamon Press, 1984. xiv, 245 p. (Pergamon Oxford Geographies)

In this book, which consists of papers by various authors, an attempt is made to illustrate the variety of approaches and applications of population geography over time and space, with particular reference to how this discipline has evolved since the middle of the twentieth century. The book is a product of the activities of the Commission on Population Geography of the International Geographical Union. Topics covered include the roots of population geography, methodological problems, spatial aspects, historical population geography, special problems related to the study of small populations, residential mobility and public policy, aging, epidemiology and health, family planning, social welfare, development planning, government policy and population distribution, population education, and pre-census and post-census mapping. Separate chapters also deal with population geography in specific countries, including Britain, China, France, the German Democratic Republic, India, the Islamic world, Japan, Mexico, and Poland.

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