Sources and methods of historical demography

Willigan JD; Lynch KA
New York, N.Y./London, England, Academic Press, 1982. xv, 505 p. (In series: Studies in Social Discontinuity)

This book is "designed to inform the wide variety of researchers interested in historical population studies about the fundamental sources, methods, and approaches to explanatory modeling that appear...most promising for describing, analyzing, and understanding demographic features of past societies." Examples of sources and empirical research in different regions of the world are included. The book is divided into five parts. The first section provides an introduction to the intellectual ancestry of historical demographic research. Part 2 deals with fundamental source materials, including sources of prehistoric demography, parish registers and civil registration records, enumerations and censuses, genealogies and population registers, and organizational and institutional records. Part 3 focuses on methods of population reconstruction and analysis of historical sources and Part 4 on major themes in causal model building and hypothesis testing. Attention is given to population genetics, biometric, evolutionary-ecological, and socioeconomic models. In the conclusion, the need for an interdisciplinary approach to historical demographic research is stressed. (EXCERPT)

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