Fertility and family planning in Haiti.

Allman J
Studies in Family Planning. 1982 Aug-Sep; 13(8/9):237-45.

Presents data on current levels and trends in fertility in Haiti and discusses some of the factors that determine the current situation. Particular attention is given to knowledge and use of contraception and the impact of the recently established national family planning program. The major source of data is the 1977 Haiti Fertility Survey, but more recent information on family planning program activities is also presented. Findings of the Survey indicated relatively moderate fertility in Haiti, with marked urban-rural differentials. Although only 25% of women at risk of childbearing were practicing contraception--and most practicing traditional methods--there is evidence that Haitian women are motivated to control their fertility and would use modern contraceptive methods if they were more readily available. Much additional analysis of the Fertility Survey data will be needed to understand the determinants of fertility trends in Haiti, and results from the 1982 census and a contraceptive prevalence survey scheduled for 1983 will be needed to detect movement in the fertility levels identified in the 1970s. (author's modified)

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