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WHO launches world-wide AIDS 'awareness' campaign.

UN Chronicle. 1987 Aug; 24:[2] p..

The World Health Organization (WHO) on 2 June launched a global public information campaign with the theme "AIDS: A world-wide effort will stop it'. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a "global epidemic that demands a global attack', said Dr. Jonathan Mann, Director of the WHO Special Programme on AIDS." WHO's global strategy for AIDS control is to stop the spread of AIDS worldwide by striking every way the virus spreads, in every country, using every scientific and educational tool available. AIDS has created a world-wide emergency. The disease has assumed pandemic proportions affecting every continent of the world. A major priority for this campaign is to increase awareness that AIDS threatens all countries.' Since AIDS was first identified in 1981, the number of countries reporting cases of the disease has risen dramatically. As of 27 May, 51,069 AIDS cases had been reported to WHO from 112 countries. The number of reported cases, however, represented only a percentage of the total cases to date, which are estimated to be in excess of 100,000. (excerpt)

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