Femicide: speaking the unspeakable.

Caputi J; Russell DE
MS.. 1990 Sep-Oct; 34-7.

This article explores on the issue of femicide. Violent crimes against women have been escalating in recent decades. In December 6, 1989, 14 young women were killed by a 25-year-old combat-video aficionado at the University of Montreal. Femicide or the "murder of women by men motivated by hatred, contempt, pleasure, or a sense of woman ownership," has become a serious problem. This crime includes mutilation murder, rape murder, battery that progresses into murder and other forms of terrorism that ultimately ends with the death of women. The fact that killers are usually males, demonstrates that femicide is rooted in sexist culture. Just like rape and child sexual abuse, femicide could also be most likely done by a male family member, friend, or acquaintance and is favored by a patriarchal domestic arrangement situation. Despite the unspeakable pain experienced from violence inflicted by men, most women resort to denial and repression because of the traumatic and life-threatening impact of speaking out.

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