Community midwifery: a practical guide.

Cronk M; Flint C
Oxford, England, Heinemann Medical Books, 1989. x, 262 p.

This is a practical guide for all midwives either working or planning to work in the community providing care for women either in their homes or in local clinics. It will help those who have had the technical training, but do not have a large amount of experience or those who have not served in this manner in a long time. Other people who will benefit are midwives working in the community who have been asked to do home births for the 1st time, students about to go into the community, teams of midwives, midwifery managers trying to set up teams, and midwives setting up independent practice. This book is only a practical guide on the applications of midwifery, not a textbook on the subject. Covered in 15 chapters are: why community midwifery, pregnancy care in the community, the community midwife working in a hospital, births at home, the relief of labor pains, the community midwife and postnatal care, parentcraft classes, equipment, the community midwife and the law, special challenges, caseloads, the teaching community midwife, working together, independent practice with suggested notes for the independent midwife, and the future of midwifery. The appendix has a mailing list of organizations that may be useful to midwives.

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