Report on the Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association community-based distribution project evaluation.

Motlomelo S; Maliehe T; Sakoane M; Lewis G
Maseru, Lesotho, Setsi Sa Tsoelopele Thutong, Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre, 1990? iii, 64 p.

In 1988 the Center for Population and Family Health at Columbia University assisted the Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association's (LPPA) Community Based Distribution Project (CBD) in an operations research study to evaluate its failure in promoting family planning (FP) as evidenced by the high-drop-out rate of acceptors. The study covered 5 areas: 1) historical survey of LPPS's CBD Project; 2) study implementation; 3) results of the evaluation; 4) summary of the results; and 5) summary of recommendations for future CBD activities. A major reason found for the failure of the CBD program was the high-drop out rate by CBD agents. Recommendations of the study for the recruitment and procedures to be followed by CBD agents included: 1) recruitment guidelines; 2) setting up CBD agent service areas; 3) preparation of the community; 4) CBD training; 5) scope of work for CBD agents; 6) supervision; 7) motivating CBD agents; 8) cash incentives for CBD agents; 9) contraceptive costs and agent incentives; 10) acceptance of CBD position role; 11) the CBD project and the role of clinical services; 12) the role of community leaders; 13) quality of services by the CBD; 14) reason for use and non-use of FP; 15) contraceptive logistics, and 16) reasons for dropping from the CBD project. (Author's Modified).

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