ISSA, an integrated system for survey analysis.

Cushing J; Ortuzar J
[Unpublished] 1987. 15 p.

ISSA, an Integreated System for Survey Analysis, was developed to quickly process data for analysis and report writing for the Demographic and Health Surveys Program (DHS) at the Institute for Resource Development/Westinghouse. ISSA is a menu-driven microcomputer package, written in "C," that meets almost all of the data processing needs of any large-scale survey. Data entry, data editing, secondary file creation, and tabulations can be accomplished with this dictionary-driven system. Any ASCII data file with up to 4 bierardrical levels can be defined and then processed as an ISSA dictionary. Multiple files can be read during processing and data from cases with common keys can be retrieved and incorporated into a master data file on a temporary or permanent basis. Through data entry, ISSA produces an ASCII data file as well as an index for quick retrieval. System requirements for ISSA are a stand-alone IBM or IBM-compatible microcomputer with 640K RAM and DOS 3.1. Although data entry can be accomplished on a two-floppy system, a hard disk is required to support other ISSA functions and the editor/designer. ISSA is a powerful package that can solve processing problems that range from simple one-level questionnaires to complex multiple-level questionnaires that require more than one data file for processing.

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