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UNDP guiding principles on HIV and AIDS.

United Nations Development Programme [UNDP]. HIV and Development Programme
[New York, New York], UNDP, HIV and Development Programme, [1991]. [1] p.

An integrated and comprehensive approach to this epidemic must be based upon an understanding of the way it affects personal, social and economic development. The coping strategies of communities must be central to the national response and community-based organizations will be instrumental in ensuring human survival, human rights and human development. Policies relating to HIV and AIDS must encompass and be accepted by all sectors in a society. Those affected by the epidemic should be involved in the policy dialogue. A proper balance must be found, over the course of the epidemic, among programs for prevention, social support, research and development. Collaboration and coordination among all participants is essential for an effective national response. Programs to succeed must take into account and explore each culture's ability to evolve and change in response to the challenge of the epidemic. The power imbalances in interpersonal relationships and in society which create women's subordination must change if women are to be able to protect themselves from HIV infection and its consequences. Each individual has the responsibility to protect himself or herself from HIV infection and to minimize further spread of the epidemic; The means of reducing the risk of HIV transmission must be affordable by and accessible to everyone. HIV testing must be carried out with the specific, informed consent of those being tested, with pre-counseling and post-counseling and with the guarantee of confidentiality. Confidentiality in relation to a person's HIV and AIDS status must be maintained. The rights of people with HIV and AIDS must be respected and those affected, including survivors, must remain an integral part of the community. (excerpt)

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