Water in crisis: a guide to the world's fresh water resources.

Gleick PH
New York, New York, Oxford University Press, 1993. xxiv, 473 p.

This guide provides background information on critical water issues and extensive, carefully chosen data on the spatial and temporal distribution of the world's fresh water resources. Part I features six chapters of essays on fresh water issues. Chapter 1 presents an overview on issues related to global fresh water, while chapter 2 provides information on water resources and water balance, water use, and the impact of economic activity on water resources. An overview of global water quality in relation to human health is provided in chapter 3 by presenting an inventory and some examples of specific water quality problems. This chapter also reviews several abiotic and biotic relationships of inland waters and examines examples of persistent, interconnected biological problems ranging from acid deposition to impacts of global climate change in chapter 4. Chapter 5 describes the importance of water supply to agriculture. Chapter 6 explores the connection between the demand for and use of energy and water. Chapters 7-9 focus on the role of water to energy supply, economic development, politics and international law, and to the growing population of the 21st century. Part II presents several charts depicting fresh water data on global and regional fresh water resources; rivers, lakes and waterfalls; sanitation and water-related diseases; water quality and contamination; water and agriculture; water and ecosystems; water and energy; water and human use; water policy and politics.

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