Quality of care in women's reproductive health: a framework for Latin America and the Caribbean. Draft.

Mora G; Betts C; Gay J; Hardee K; Chambers V; Fox L
[Unpublished] 1993 Oct 11. [2], 89 p.

This article presents a model which is used in developing a framework and assessment tool for examining the quality of care in three components of reproductive health services: maternal health, sexually transmitted diseases/HIV and family planning. The model and essay are intended to facilitate discussions between providers and their clients at the local level. With few modifications, this model will be able to meet the local needs and conditions of women's reproductive health. Furthermore, the model presented in this paper also incorporates recent publications in women's reproductive health in order to provide local health systems, clinics, and referral hospitals with a method for assessing and improving quality of care in women's reproductive health.

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