Clitoral size in normal women.

Verkauf BS; von Thron J; O'Brien WF
OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 1992 Jul; 80(1):41-4.

The clitoral size was measured in normal women, and the possible effect on size of age, height, weight, parity, and oral contraceptive (OC) use was determined. Clitoral size was recorded in 200 consecutive, regularly menstruating women without historical or anatomical evidence of hyperandrogenism or other endocrinopathy presenting for routine gynecologic examination in a private office setting. 99% were White; 1% were Black. Measurement of the clitoris was precisely performed with plastic calipers. These women ranged in age from 14-56 years (mean + standard deviation [SD] 28 +or- 7.9; median 35.0). The mean transverse diameter of the glans clitoris was 3.4 +or- 1.0 mm. The longitudinal diameter of the glans was 5.1 +or- 1.4 mm. Total clitoral length including glans and body was 16.0 +or- 4.3 mm. The mean clitoral index was 18.5 square mm. Each of the measurements was unimodal, with medians and means coinciding. Each of the sets of measurements conformed fairly well to a normal distribution, with Shapiro-Wilk statistics between 0.9-0.98 (a value of 1.0 indicates complete conformity). Glans length and width, clitoral index, and total clitoral length were all significantly correlated. Measurements of all diameters were normally distributed. Age, height, weight, or current use of OCs did not influence clitoral size. When the 66 women using OCs were compared with those not using hormonal therapy, there was no difference in any of the measurements. In contrast, there was a significant difference in the glans length and width and the derived clitoral index when nulliparous women were compared with parous women. Though not statistically significant (p = 0.10), the data suggested a progressive trend toward larger total clitoral length with increasing parity. It is possible to obtain useful clitoral measurements in the office setting.

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