An ecosystem approach to the study of coastal areas: a case study from the Dominican Republic.

Stoffle RW; Halmo DB; Stoffle BW; Williams AL; Burpee CG
In: Population-environment dynamics: ideas and observations, edited by Gayl D. Ness, William D. Drake, and Steven R. Brechin. Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Michigan Press, 1993. 253-82.

It is argued here that the study of population-environment dynamics in coastal areas must address changes in both terrestrial and marine ecozones because they comprise a single ecosystem. The concept of 'ecosystem' has scientific and policy implications for coastal area studies....From a policy perspective, it means the holistic management of the human and natural resources that scientific studies demonstrates exist and are functionally integrated at the junction of the sea and the land....This paper is based on a series of studies of population-environment dynamics involving the residents of a small community located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. (EXCERPT)

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